Coral Cove Bay in Thailand

Koh Samui’s Coral Cove

coral coveKoh Samui is in some ways a victim of its own success. It is a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand that has steadily increased tourist numbers until it is just behind Phuket in terms of favorite Thai beach holiday destinations. The result is that the main beaches of Koh Samui, Chaweng, Lamai and Bophut, tend to be get crowded and the urban area next to these beaches start to impact upon the natural beauty of the area. In Thailand this problem is often compounded by the inevitable girly bar scene that springs up in search of the tourist buck.

It is thus a pleasant surprise that there is a beach between the two principal beaches on the west coast (Chaweng and Lamai) that has avoided all these excesses. It is a beach that has somehow escaped the attention of developers and tourists alike. That beach is Coral Cove Bay.

The great thing about Coral Cove Bay is that it is the same high quality as its more famous neighbors. It is a small beach, just 200 meters in length. The beach is fringed with palm trees and behind the palms are cliffs upon which much of the accommodation is located.

The sea at Coral Cove bay is good for year round swimming. It is an interesting beach because it has many boulders in the water. These boulders harbor a wealth of corals and fish; making Coral Cove Bay ideal for snorkeling.

There are a couple of cheap bungalow places to stay in Coral Cove. They are Coral Cove Resort and Hi Coral Cove. These resorts have communal pools and restaurants. Basic rooms start from about 600 Thai Baht a night. There are also a few good mid-range places to stay.

The only luxury resort in Coral Cove Bay is Kamala Samui. It has boutique interior design and private pool villas with spectacular sea views. Kamala Samui also offers guests free use of its own pier which is equipped with snorkeling and fishing equipment as well as kayaks.

After spending the day relaxing on a peaceful beach, those tourists who want all the facilities, amenities and diversions of Chaweng need only go 5 minutes up the road and they are in ‘tourist central’.

For many Coral Cove Bay has the ideal combination of tranquility and convenience that is hard to beat. Luckily, the maddening crowds haven’t discovered this yet. Those who regularly holiday in Coral Cove Bay in Koh Samui are happy about this situation.

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