Costume Ideas – Being Buzz Lightyear

Want To Be Like Buzz Lightyear?

Buzz LightyearBuzz Lightyear, and Toy Story in general took the world by storm on its release in 1995. He is a great character, an action hero who also happens to be an astronaut; I mean what a great combination!
It’s easy to see why the movies were a success, with an all round cast including Tim Allen as Woody and Tom Hanks as Buzz himself. Most kids love the Toy Story movies, and especially Buzz, so wearing a buzz lightyear costume can be a great for Halloween or dress up parties.

The reason Buzz Lightyear is such a good costume choice, is it’s originality. Everyone loves the character, but I can guarantee you will be the only one dressed up as him!

If you are going with a friend, why not get them to come as Woody or another character from the movies? You can go as a duo; you really cannot go wrong going as a cowboy and an astronaut!

So what does a buzz lightyear costume involve? Well normally it is a white body-suit, a colored chest piece and white boots with green trim. Let us not forget the purple hood as well! There are a whole variety of buzz lightyear costume options to choose from, even inflatable jet packs or his electronic gloves. There are lots of other buzz lightyear party supplies to choose from, which could compliment your costume.

If you think you can, you could certainly have a go at making your own buzz costume. Get some white pants, and a long sleeve white shirt. What you can do is wear a purple hooded t-shirt underneath the white shirt, that way it will pop through and give you a buzz look. The chest-piece and gloves will be the hard bit, but cardboard and paint should do the job.

The great thing about buzz lightyear costumes is they aren’t just for kids. There are definitely adult’s costumes available, and they can generate a real laugh and friendly atmosphere at costume parties.
In the end, if your child or you like the toy story movies, and specifically buzz lightyear, then dressing up as him is definitely the way to go! They’re pretty cheap and easy to find online, so check it out.

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