Cotton Sheets – Tips For Buying Cotton Sheets

Buying Cotton Sheets? Read This Guide!

cotton sheetsBed sheets play a major role in providing the comfort necessary for a sound sleep. Sheets made of cotton are your best choice when you go shopping for bed sheets. Here are some tips that will help you make the buying decision.

Check the thread count of the sheet mentioned on its label. A good sheet will have higher thread count. You must have heard that thread count is the most important factor but do not go by it alone. There are other factors which you should consider too.

You should check the fibre. A blended fibre would cost less and would be resistant to wrinkle but then it would not provide the cooling affect which cotton provides. Cotton will always feel nice and provide comfort. Flannel sheets offer luxurious comfort but then they may feel hotter as they are much thicker. Cotton has an added advantage of discharging dust and grime well when washed.

Long fibre or lengthier staple sheets will be soft and more comfortable than small fibre sheets. Examples of good quality fibre are Egyptian cotton, Pima and Supima. If you find these mentioned on the sheet label you should understand that you are looking at long fibre sheets.

A simple sheet is weaved with equal yarns on both the axis horizontal and vertical. If you are looking for a soft sheet you should look for a sheet with higher number of yarns on the vertical side. Though these offers soft feel they are prone to pull and tear. Sateen offers a satin like finish and comes with a higher number of vertical weaves. When searching for higher vertical yarns you should look for the vertical and horizontal proportion. It often comes written as “one under, five over”. The more is the over, the more will be the y-axis yarns or vertical weaves.

Do not forget to check the finish. Chemical free finish sheets will tend to crease more but then they will prevent allergies if you have any. These sheets are also called pure finish sheets.

Dyes used in the sheet often cause tautness on the sheets. These can be washed off after a few washes. Try to buy sheets which are made of threads which have been dyed instead of sheets where the dye has been applied after the sheet is finished.

Following the above tips while buying your cotton sheets will help you make a better choice.

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