Countdown to 2012

2012 – Is it The End?

earth on fireLife is good. That is an undeniable fact, and everyone should be quick to acknowledge it despite any misgivings caused by a continuous flow of trials and problems. We usually just look at whatever problems that come our way as challenges that might not have been avoided, but are still manageable in one way or another. This is borne out of the natural capacity of human beings for optimism, which tends to outweigh any negative inclinations.

This is definitely not true for everyone, and not only do sentiments and tendencies, but also concepts to the contrary exist out there. One such concept is the ever persisting, ever popular idea of doomsday. Yes, life may be good and most of us are enjoying it, but it is coming to an end in 2012. That is according to one of many doomsday predictions that always tend to capture the public imagination.

Probably the leading reason on why the latest end of the world scenario to catch fire is that based on a Mayan calendar is because it is so near. It is all set to come to pass in less than a couple of years, so all the fuss and frenzy about it is quite understandable. Plenty of people are actually taking it pretty seriously, and are thinking and actively looking for ways to stop it from ever happening. One really can’t blame them, because hey, who would want the world to end as we know of it.

The Internet itself was inundated by questions, suggestions, answers, and all sorts of stuff about how to survive 2012 and survive beyond it. Many different ideas of survival were presented, some were reasonable enough, while others were downright absurd. It is easy to see that the 2012 Mayan predictions
became such a cause of frenzied searches to save the world, civilization, and people trying to save themselves. The countdown to 2012 is indeed an unpleasant one, but is still has its own brand of excitement.

how to survive 2012

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