Country Gift Baskets for All Occassions

The Classic Surprise

Country-Gift-BasketsCountry gift baskets are among the best gifts you can give for any occasion. This is because they are simply elegant, containing an array of goods including wines and other high end gourmet products. They can also contain coffee and tea which makes them all the more flexible regardless the occasion and the stature of the person receiving them. Plus you will benefit the cost-effectiveness of these gift baskets and the fun that comes with them as you mix and match the products included.

The best thing about these gifts is that you can always fit in the right kind of wine as you wish. If you visit local wineries, you will be amazed with the number of choices you have. There are even wines from the Robert Mondavis private selection,Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet Sauvignon!

There are people who cannot drink alcoholic beverages for some reason – underage people or pregnant women for example – and fortunately, these gift baskets are flexible enough to cater to them. For instance you can give a basket containing gourmet products like chocolates, cheese snacks, crackers, breadsticks, olive Tapenade, to Camembert cheese spread can also be given. You can pair these with Starbucks coffee and Café Godiva Chocolates.

And if you want to capture the taste of the entire family, throw non-edible items like bubble bath, lavender scented hand lotions, peppermint foot-soak ointments, and other assorted sprays, creams and gels for a very relaxing bath into the mix and everything should be perfect!

These gift baskets are available online but you have to buy the wines locally since they cannot be sold over the net. Basically, you will have to repackage the baskets once you get them to include the wines.

All in all, you will need to spend around $40-$250 for all of these. You can even lower the costs if you find ways to be creative. Go for cheaper products or make the baskets yourself; whatever works. Just have fun, remember that it’s not all about the cost and you should be alright.

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