Customer Service Skills | Understanding The Basics

customer serviceVarious opportunities are available in the area of customer relations. People with better customer service skills can work in call centers, business offices and retail stores. The field of customer relations is customer oriented where an individual representative of the company has to manage and handle customer queries and concerns in a friendly way. These positions are designed to deal with customers directly. The job of customer service in a retail setting involves accepting returns and handling customer complaints and grievances. A representative in a call center is trained to provide information about the company’s services and products and answer the customer complaints.

A person taking up a job in this field must possess diplomatic skills because the main goal is to satisfy the customers without costing any money to the company. In a call center situation, customers often show dissatisfaction about a particular product of the company and ask for refund. The process of handling these calls includes the use of a written script by the representative which must contain queries and concerns of the customers. Many such scripts are meant to determine who is at fault whether the company or the faulty use of the product by the customer. Many companies that use customer retention strategies keep a check on these calls to find out how they are being handled.

The utilization of marketing survey is another good area covered by this field. A company that adopts better customer service skills permits an employee to contact the customers and get their responses and feedback on the questions in a friendly way. These surveys helps the company to know how customers feel about the products and services of the company in a much better way compared to emails or calls. The employees working in a retail stores may be allowed to ask the shoppers to answer some short questions. Better responses are obtained from the customers, if the employees approach the customer in a positive and friendly manner.

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