Customers’ Favorite Features of Taper Candles

Characteristics Of Taper Candles

Taper candleTaper candles are often thought of to be the candle of choice for romantic scenes in television shows and films. However, they are used widely in homes as decor, as well as for special events and parties as a dazzling table centerpiece for guests to enjoy. Taper candles are easy to spot because of their extended and slender appearance. While they are slightly round and wide near the bottom, towards the top near the wick they “taper” off to nothing. This unusual shape certainly gives them a certain aesthetic appeal, however there are drawbacks to the design.

Especially when using long candles like 24 inch taper candles, as the candle burns the shoulderless shape of the wax allows it to drip profusely down it’s sides. This is not only dangerous for your guests and table cloths, but it also makes your centerpieces look unsightly and deformed. Luckily there is a solution called dripless candles.

Dripless Candle Benefits

Dripless candles are made using a technique that uses two different types of waxes instead of just one. The bulk of the candle in formed using traditional candle wax. With a melting point of around 135 degrees, this wax melts and usually drips very easily. However, if the candle is dipped a few times in a wax with a much higher melting point, the outer shells forms a small cup for the inner wax to burn off in. This eliminates drips and creates a number of side benefits including:

  • Better Looking Centerpieces – Drips are unsightly and appear minutes after lighting your candle. Keep your creations looking pristine until the very last inch of wick.
  • Safer Candles – Drips can cause permanent damage to skin and surfaces.
  • Longer Burns – Because the wax sits in the candle longer, you can expect your dripless candles to burn much longer than traditional candles.

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