Different Methods of Making Popcorn at Home

Making Popcorn is Easy with Home Popcorn Machines

popcornMaking popcorn at home has become so easy because there are lots of ways to make popcorn nowadays. There are various ways one can make popcorn at home such as using hot air popcorn machines, electric driven popcorn machine, microwave popcorn, and the traditional stove top popcorn maker.
Home popcorn machines are perfect for making your favorite popcorn snack anytime you want. And one of the popular popcorn machines used at home is the hot air popcorn machine. Hot air popcorn machines uses hot air to pop the raw corn into popcorn. It doesn’t need oil or butter to make popcorn that is why it makes very healthy snacks which is perfect for health conscious people.

Popcorn is a natural healthy snack without the use of butter, oil or put salt in it, that is why making popcorn with the use of hot air is ideal if you want healthy snacks. Hot air popcorn machines are small enough to fit in your kitchens counter top. The usual sizes available are 4oz and 8oz popcorn machines.
Electric popcorn machine is very easy to use, all you need to do is plug it and turn it on. It converts electricity to heat to make the popcorn. You just need to add the ingredients such as the raw corn kernel and butter or oil and it would produce fresh popcorn.
The traditional way of making popcorn before the popcorn machines were introduce is by the use of a stove top popcorn popper. A regular kettle is usually used as a stove top popcorn maker. Unlike the popcorn machines where you can just leave it and let it make popcorn stove top popcorn maker should be constantly shake to avoid uneven cooking of the popcorn.

It takes effort to make popcorn compare to the convenient popcorn machines these days.
Microwave popcorn is probably the fastest and most convenient way to make popcorn because all you need to do is put the bag on the microwave and turn it on. Downside of using this is that usually microwave popcorn contains hydrogenated oil which is not good for our health. Some would also debate it doesn’t taste like a real popcorn machine. Whichever methods you choose it is up to you which method you like to make popcorn.

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