Different Styles of Interior Room Dividers

Interior Room Dividers – What You Need to Know

room dividersTemporary or decorative ways to section a large room into two functional rooms nowadays are made easy with interior room dividers.  Online shops and home improvement stores offer a lot of variety to choose from that will surely give your room a stylish look.  Interior room dividers have different styles that will match your existing home decors.

Different styles of interior room dividers are modern, traditional, screens and those that posses some other elements.  Modern room divider partitions are predominantly made of metal and wood frames with fabric inlays.  It also has mirrors or glass in some of its panels or accents to keep up with its contemporary look.  And most modern interior room dividers are free standing and compact making it portable.  Traditional interior room dividers on the other hand are heavy and sturdier because they are mostly made of wood and metal.  The designs of the panels sometimes look like shutter to let the air through.  These lend a classic and formal atmosphere in the living rooms.  Another style common among interior room divider are screens and famous of which are Shoji screens.

The inlays are made of rice paper.  Besides the plain rice paper attached to wood frames in a series of small rectangular boxed panels there also Shoji screens with prints depicting Japanese cultures and traditions.  This Shoji screens are not only light weight room divider partitions but decorative furniture you can have for your living rooms or bedrooms.  They are sometimes even used to simply create a closet or put in one wall to have some visual ornaments instead of dull white paint. And those who love the outdoor and want to bring a piece of it inside, bamboo or rattan room divider partitions are made just for you.  The best thing you can bring it out in your porch to block the sun while letting the air pass through.

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