Different Types Of Lighting

What Lighting Do You Use?

lightIllumination is very important in our daily living. Although, we can survive without light, it will be very difficult for us to live without it. Although it serves the same function, there are several types of light to choose from. You can select from those types to use in your home. Today, lighting bulbs comes with different colors and shapes therefore; your lighting system serves dual purposes: 1. for lighting and 2. Decoration.

Having an overview of the different types of lighting systems gives you a head start on what to use in your home. You may be able to compare each system for their unit and installation cost as well as energy – efficiency.

Types of Lighting are:

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lamps use the same energy as the incandescent lamps of 25 – 35 percent. Most fluorescent lamps last for about 7, 000 – 24, 000 hours and emits lighting efficacy of about 30 -110 lumens per watt.

The electric current that was conducted through mercury and inert gases was the reason why light is provided by the lamp.

Outdoor Solar Lighting system

The advantage of solar lights is that they are easy to maintain as well as easy to set up. Aside from that, you don’t have to pay for electricity. Solar lights utilized solar cells that convert radiation heat from the sun into electrical energy. Solar lights automatically turn on at night because of its darkness detectors and batteries where the converted electricity is stored.

Batteries are provided to the solar lights so that it can illuminate even after sunset. Lead acid batteries, sealed acid and nickel cadmium are mostly used by solar lights’ manufacturers.

LED Lighting System

LED which stands for light – emitting diode is one of the fastest developing lighting systems today. LED’s offer much better light quality, durability and long – life than of the other types.

Also, LED’s are cost – effective therefore; many indoor gardeners as using LED grow lights for their gardens. LED grow lights also provide quality products for the gardeners. Crop and plants that only grows in certain seasons can be promulgated indoors with the help of LED grow lights. Aside from gardening, indoor aquariums also used the LED grow lights for propagate water plants and flowers.

High – Density Discharge Lighting (HID)

All of lighting system, HID provides the longest life service as well as highest efficacy. About 75% – 90% of energy can be saved by homeowners by using HID system.

Incandescent Lighting

Most homes are using incandescent type of lighting system. They provide satisfaction to homeowners in terms of color rendition and warm lighting. The disadvantage of incandescent is that it has a short life and not cost – efficient.

Low – Pressure Sodium Lighting

Low –pressure sodium lighting system is very efficient in energy efficacy however they provide low color rendition. Common uses of these types of lighting system are in places where colors are not really important.

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