Dig By Hand Or With An Auger?

Choose Ease and Comfort

AugerUsing shovel to dig post holes is definitely physically exhausting and very much stressful. At the end of the day, after digging, what will come next are severe body pain and other bodily discomforts. Apart from being so time-consuming, it can likewise cause blisters. Hence, why dig by hand when you can do it with a dependable auger?

An auger, which has helically rotating blade commonly termed as flighting, is an effective drilling tool. One good example of auger is earth auger or soil auger which can either be manually operated or be electrically driven by an internal combustive engine or motor. Motor-driven auger is very effective in digging deep foundation post holes while manually-operated auger is already enough in digging garden holes. Interestingly, there is also a kind of auger intended for drilling holes mostly utilized by ice fishermen.

Just when you have approximated that digging holes would take so much time and effort, don’t lose hope. The option left for you is auger rental. There are already stores offering drilling services and the same are now becoming very profitable industry due to the fast-pacing movement of human lives. Said services include auger rentals which can either be hand-auger for rent or power-auger for rent.

For bigger construction projects of which there is a time frame expressly provided for its total completion, you should use power-auger. The entire service duration of such gadget is expected to give you thorough digging process and efficient dirt removal mechanism as well. After digging, you will see that the holes produced are likely to be more consistent in terms of sizes and shapes. For better and quick results, auger management and operation requires at least two people although it can be done by one person.

You now have learned that digging with an auger is pretty much preferable than digging by hand.

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