Does Size Matter?

Is it Really Possible to Increase Penis Size?

penis sizeThere aren’t many males that are happy with the size of their penis no matter how big it might be. In recent years thanks to modern culture, penis size is becoming more and more talked about. This has made life a nightmare for men with a smaller than average sized penis. As you can imagine, a number of products have cropped up which can supposedly help men increase their penis size. So when men ask “how to grow my penis bigger” there are now a number of options.

The easiest option for men is to take pills which can increase the size of the penis. These kinds of pills can increase the penis size but usually these benefits are not long lasting. Even worse than that there are a number of side effects that have be attributed to long term use of these kinds of penis enhancement pills.

Another option of course is surgery. Women have been increasing their breast size through breast surgery for decades but it’s only just recently that penis surgery has started to become popular. This type of surgery is not dangerous but it can be painful and uncomfortable. In my opinion there has to be a major size problem with the penis to even contemplate this kind of surgery.

So are there any other options? Well many people claim they have increased penis size naturally through special exercises and massaging. This makes sense as just about any part of the body can be trained if it contains any kind of muscle tissue.

The last option is that I know of is actually a penis pump. This is a kind of pump that fits over the penis. Then with the aid of the pump a vacuum is created which then supposedly increases the size of the Penis. So do penis pumps work? The answer is no they don’t! Not only do they not work, they are also dangerous and can cause permanent damage to the penis.

At the end of the day most men should probably accept the penis they have except in extreme cases where the penis is well below the average penis size.

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