Drugs and Your Teen: How to Tell If Your Child is Lying To You

Do You Suspect Your Child is Using Drugs?

drug abuseNo one wants to believe that their kid could lie to their face, but then we all remember those times we spun the truth talking to our own parents. Truth be told, lying is a part of growing up for many kids, and as parent you have to walk a fine line over what lies you want to pick a part and what lies you can gloss over.

There is one area though where most of us draw the line and that is illegal drug use.

How do you know though if your child is lying to you about taking drugs? There’s no simple litmus test. Or wait – is there?

Drug Test Kits

Actually, yes – there quite literally is a litmus test. It’s called a drug testing kit for home use and brands such as “Quick Screen” and “At Home” make the most popular testing kits around. You can purchase drug testing kits at Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, and possibly even Target and GNC, depending on your local market.

They work in such a way that results are basically a litmus test. A sample is taken from the subject – in this case, your (presumably annoyed and aggravated) teenager. The sample could be taken in a couple of different manners, depending on the test in which you’ve bought, but it all boils down to three things: pee, hair, or saliva. (Also known as the urine test, hair test, and saliva/swab drug test, respectively.)

The sample then is subjected to the testing mechanism and the results are displayed in a manner of minutes (for hair tests it takes about a week but urine and saliva tests give instant results.)

Typically a strip is used that will display a line to indicate (or not indicate) the presence of a specific illicit substance (marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, MDMA, LSD, meth, etc) in the sample.

The Truth is in the Testing

Not all parents are comfortable forcing their kid to submit to a drug test at home. That’s okay, but the purpose of this article is to tell with 100% accuracy whether or not your kid is lying to you about taking illegal drugs. Unfortunately, there’s really no other way to know without the use of a drug test, so our cards are on the table with this one.

Certainly, it’s not a method you just jump to and I would hope parents exercise caution and respect. However, if there are signs or reasons to believe he or she is hiding something and you suspect substance abuse, the easiest way to determine the truth is the use of a drug test.

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