Easy Prevention Of Razor Burn

How to Prevent Razor Burn When Shaving

prevent shaving burnHow to prevent razor burn, is a questioned pondered by many people daily as they look in the mirror and see that string of red bumps down their neck. Razor burn is an uncomfortable, unsightly affliction and can occur anywhere that a razor has been dragged along the skin. At its least severe, it leaves an itchy, red rash, and at its worst, it can lead to ingrown hairs and painful razor bumps. Men with thick, curly hair are more prone to ingrown hairs than their straight-haired counterparts, but all men need to pay special attention to their shaving practices to ensure they do not suffer from razor burn.

While it may seem that razor burn occurs regardless of how you shave, with the proper care and attention it is actually quite easy to prevent. The best time to shave is immediately after a shower, since steam and hot water help to soften the beard. It is also very helpful if you use one of the best face wash for men before shaving, to help loosen up your whiskers and prep your beard for a smooth shave. Before you pick up the razor, apply a liberal coat of shaving cream, making sure to fully cover all the hairs. Bacteria is one of the main causes of razor burn, so it is also important to make sure that your razor is clean before you start. Wiping it with a disinfectant such as rubbing alcohol ensures a bacteria-free shave.

When it comes time for the actual shave, it is best to use short, gentle strokes and to shave with the grain of the hair. This will not result in a clean shave on the first pass, and you will probably want to rinse your face, reapply the cream and shave again. Although it may take two or three rounds to get a smooth face, this type of shaving is non-abrasive to the skin and will help prevent razor burn. It is also important to rinse the razor frequently as you shave and to make sure that you only ever use a sharp blade. When you are done, rinse your face with cold water and apply some moisturizer.

As well as proper technique, it is important to use the right tools when you are shaving. While the men on TV commercials may claim that more blades are always better, this is not necessarily the case when it comes to razor burn. More blades rubbing across your skin can increase irritation, and it is often best to use a razor with one good, sharp blade or you can also try shaving with one of the best electric shaver for men. Electric shavers are a great way to trim your beard or also shave quickly and easily, many electric shavers also have an automatic cleaning system.

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