Eco-Friendly and All Natural Crib Mattresses

Buying a Natural Crib Mattresses

Natural Crib MattressesIf you’re shopping for a crib mattress or a mattress for your toddler, you have a lot of options these days. Of course, the large companies like Sealy and Serta have their own offerings, but there are many newer companies as well. Should you go for a mattress from a big company or one of the smaller ones? Sealy and its competitors have been making mattresses for many years now, and they tend to offer good warranties. However, some of the newer companies have mattresses with compelling advantages.

Crib mattresses are available as foam mattresses or traditional spring designs. Foam mattresses have become quite popular these days, and most crib models are made from either latex foam or polyurethane memory foam. Many people find foam mattresses more comfortable, and if you’re one you might consider getting your child a foam crib mattress or a twin foam mattresses if they’re older. On the other hand, the traditional spring design is still very popular. This type of mattress is probably the one you’re used to, with a surface supported by metal springs. These mattresses are inexpensive, easy to find, and work very well for most people. The choice between the two is mostly a personal preference.

A new trend in baby mattress design is using more all natural and organic materials in beds in order to keep your child safe. Since you don’t want exposure to chemicals sometimes used in mattresses to affect your child’s health, it’s best to avoid mattresses which use, for example, fire retardants in their mattresses. Such chemicals are potentially toxic, and there are good alternatives. Mattresses from companies such as the Naturepedic baby mattress company use no chemicals or other non-natural ingredients. In addition, their manufacturing techniques are more environmentally friendly than traditional mattress companies.

No matter whether you go with a foam or traditional mattress, your first priorities should be to give your child a safe, comfortable mattress, and to keep your expenses down. Thankfully, with so many options to choose from these days it’s easy to find a high quality, all natural mattress for your child, and one that won’t break your pocketbook.

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