Email Fax Services Are Quick And Convenient

What is Online Faxing?

email faxingOnline faxing or Email Faxing, is when a Fax service provider converts emails into a digital file that can be received by email.  There are many companies offering Email Fax Services online. When you select a company, they will give you a Fax number that will convert faxes to emails and send them to your mailbox at your email address.  Most services will also allow you to convert your texts and images to Fax numbers.  It works just like a Fax machine does, for the most part.

What are the Advantages?

There are, of course, many reasons people choose to use an Online Fax Service. The most common is probably cost.  There is a monthly fee, of course, but no long distance or other charges that you would have if you had a fax machine. There is also savings as far as paper and ink are concerned.  High quality fax machines are not inexpensive and in a small office with limited space, can take up room that could be better used in another way.

Email Fax Services by pass the time factor, which often is a problem if you are faxing.  Lines or circuits may be busy and unreachable from your limited area.  There may be other delays or relay problems when using your own phone line.  Email Fax Services eliminate that completely. People who are concerned about the environment also like the idea, as it does away with paper waste and is, in a sense, more responsible.

How it Works

A company may or may not have a start up fee.  Also, many companies have specials where they eliminate that cost.  Some will give a free monthly trial to new subscribers.
There is a monthly fee that can range from 8 to 25 dollars.  Some give discounts based on the number of users on the plan or the mount of faxing you do.

Which Company to Choose

It`s always best to check out several different services to compare email fax services and rates. Check to see if they have customer support and what hours they can be reached. It`s always best to select several services and compare their rates.  Email Fax Services can save space time and money for anyone who likes immediate service
And the convenience of using online faxing.

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