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entry stair wellFor many homes, the foyer or the entry way leads to two separate directions, one may be towards the rest of the house, while the other may be towards the stairway. Those that have stairways often find that this is the main focus of the home when someone walks inside. Therefore, they are always looking for ways in which they can make the most of the space and to make the eye draw to the details of the stair well instead of the emptiness of it.

Many people use this space to hang pictures of the family and this is fine, however the idea is that you may want to use a theme instead. Plus getting pictures on the wall sometimes creates a design that is busy and hard to focus. For those that are looking for a design for the entry way or foyer that is going to be relaxing and welcoming. With this in mind, there are a few steps that the person should remember.

First off, when you are wanting inviting colors, think of blues and teals mostly. This is a serene color that is going to promote relaxation, as well as make the person feel calm when they enter the home. The way that the person can incorporate these colors is through having paintings that are hung in the area that is around the staircase and door mat by the door. Or they can choose to paint a mural on the area around the stair well, which is a unique idea that is going to inspire others that enter into your home.

If you have areas around the stairs that are devoid of anything and basically just empty space, then put something in it to catch people’s attention. Most people like to use small tables that they can place a vase of flowers on, it is a great way to get some friendly feelings into the atmosphere through doing so. The important thing to remember is that you are not going to want to have too much going on in the space. However, you do not want to have nothing in the space as well. The key is to find a way in which you meet in the middle with the design.

You can also take other approaches to make the foyer or entry way around the stair well unique, such as using bolder colors, a design that is significant to the rest of the house or whatnot. Just remember to utilize the space to the best of its use and make it inviting to others.

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