Essentials of a Travel First Aid Kit

Don’t Go Traveling Without a Travel First Aid Kit

Travel First Aid KitWhether you’re going camping, RV-ing or simply staying in a hotel, It is important to carry not only band aids and Neospring but a good travel first aid kit.

Good Traveling kits
Even though they’re not so expensive, buying a good travel first aid kit is worth it. Here are some important things it should have:

Antibiotics and Creams
Having a variety of scripted antibiotics like Zithromax Z Pac can be helpful, and surely your doctor won’t have a problem writing them up for you if you’re going on a vacation. Antibiotic creams can prevent infection in minor cuts and scrapes while a hydrocortisone cream can remove stings from bug bites. Anti-fungal creams are important too.

You should have a good stock of bandages, including both adhesive band aid style and gauze version along with a few rolls of paper tape to keep the dressing secure one applied.

Bug Sprays and Hand Sanitizers
Both important for camping, it is important to stock enough of bug spray preferably with the DEET kind.

Pain Killers and Motion Sickness Pills
It is important to carry pain killers like aspirin and acetaminophen for pains while ibuprofen works well for breaking up a fever quickly. Remember to keep children’s version of these medicines for kids as well. Motion sickness pills like Dramamine can be really helpful, whether for seasickness or carsickness.

Pink Stuff
Pepto Bismol can be really helpful when traveling overseas where you have to consume foreign foods and drinks.

Sunscreen and Aloe Vera
While sunscreen can prevent sunburns, red aloe Vera gel is helpful to remove the painful burns while at the same time preventing blisters. Lastly, other things that should be included are scissors, gloves, and tweezers and cotton swabs along with a pocket guide to basic CPR.

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