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Your Attitude Says It All

How-to-Gain-ConfidenceThere was a time when not many folks in the modern world understood the most important success factor in all human endeavors:  our attitude.  The ancients had this figured out millennia ago, and wrote prolifically about it in ancient texts.  But something happened after three generations of post-industrial revolution socialization, in which solutions to problems somehow became the exclusive realm of technological magic rather than of human achievement, and we tacitly abdicated responsibility for outcomes in our lives.  This trend has come full circle, however, and it is now manifesting in a seemingly unlikely trend:  the increase in meditation practice in Western culture.

More and more people have expressed the desire to learn how to do meditation in an effort to improve their lives.  We’ve reawakened to the fact that no amount of technology changes man’s fundamental relationship with himself, and there are a number of mantras for meditation that can help restore a healthy self image and pave the way for healthy self-esteem.

Many people wonder how to gain confidence in order to pursue life goals that may they feel are beyond their current capabilities.  The best way to do this is to clearly see yourself as you really are – not as a person who is defined by their past experiences, but as the physical embodiment of pure, boundless potential.

History is full of examples of misfits who did more than survive:  they changed the course of nations.  Albert Einstein flunked a grade while in grammar school.  Lincoln failed at nearly everything he attempted before becoming the America’s greatest president.  Henry Ford was considered to be dense, and wasn’t expected to amount to much, yet he single-handedly changed the way most goods are manufactured the world over.

Those dramatic results came through two ingredients:  consistent work over relatively large time scales (in shortsighted human terms), and a pervasive belief that great things were possible.  Had any of those men backed away from their objectives due to low self esteem problems, the world would be completely different.

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