Fabulous And Colorful Fitness Business Cards

business cardBusinessmen, film stars, doctors, sports people, writers, regular office goers – whoever it is, the one thing that keeps them going is their fitness levels. If you are a personal trainer or a dietician or a yoga instructor, your Fitness Business Cards should stand out from others and make an impression on the customers for their unique quality, design, logos etc. and for this, some simple tips can be followed:

As in any business card, your Fitness Business Card should contain your name, profession, address, contact number, mail ID, web address, and fax fitted on the business card dimensions.

The design you choose for your Fitness Business Card should speak a lot about you – if you are a dietician, pictures of fruits, vegetables, calorie charts with measurement units can be used; if a gym instructor, pictures of men and women working on dumbbells, treads, work-out kits would be useful; if a yoga instructor, people in various yoga postures can be displayed.

Using images of measuring tapes, weighing machines, sports gear or simple meditative postures are also effective for roping in the clients.

Along with these details, the cards should be specifically designed to point out the importance of a fit body and mind in an easy to read, convincing manner so that people can benefit from them.

Remember, your cards are a reflection of you and so, when choosing a card or designing one, may it be a cheap business cards, care should be taken to send out a positive, professional and dynamic message. Handing out these cards at doctor’s clinics, clubs, hospitals, other places where people gather for a party or chat is one way of marketing yourself. Try it!

These business cards come in various sizes like CHUBBY 2.5” x 3.5” or BUSINESS 2” x 3.5” or even SKINNY 1” x 3” and there are also different colors with a cutting-edge design to give your card that special look that sets it apart. 123PRINT.co.Uk, ONLINE PRINTS.com are some sites that offer you pre-designed color business cards that will help you in showcasing your skills as an aerobics instructor or a physical trainer or a yoga expert or a gym instructor.

In modern times, people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of a fit body, so if you are in the fitness training field, this is the right time to utilize your skills with an elite Fitness Business Card!

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