Facial Hair

How To Get Rid Of It?

Facial HairHair removal is something that many people dread. It can be painful and annoying but as an alternative to shaving, which is more annoying, people choose to do it. There are a bunch of ways to remove hair, most of which involve some pain, and some more than others. The ones that come to the top of my head are waxing, threading, electrolysis and laser hair removal.

I have tried all these methods so I can speak from experience which ones I find effective and less painful than others. Your preference depends on how much pain you are willing to tolerate and how much you willing to empty your pocket out :).

The first and most painful but least expensive is waxing. It is not permanent and does grow back every few weeks so that could be a pain. Many times waxing and threading go together and the beautician will wax and then thread a little bit of what is left there. They both hurt about the same much. Electrolysis is next and is a different kind of pain than waxing because it is a needle that goes into each individual hair follicle to kill it. It is a bit more expensive than waxing as well.

Laser is probably your best option but when you hear the laser hair removal price, you might change your mind! It can be very costly but that doesn’t change the fact that it is painless and can usually be permanent. You need about six sessions give or take and many places let you come back for free touch-ups.

On the topic of hair, if you are losing your hair and looking for an effective solution, you might want to try hair loss vitamins which have helped scores of people regrow their hair. It is a safe way to do it since there are absolutely no side effects.

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