Famous Tennis Players and Their Grand Slam Success

Who Are The Greatest Ever Tennis Players? Find Out..

roger federerTo become famous in tennis, a player must win prestigious titles–and plenty of them.  Titles that hold the most sway in the eyes of the public are the grand slam tournaments.  There are four different grand slams: the Australian Open, Roland Garros French Open, Wimbledon Championships, and the US Open.  A player that can win any one of those titles is well on their way to creating a long and successful career.  Multiple victories at grand slam tournaments can insure them lasting standing at the top of leader boards everywhere.  The top two men on the current leader board for slam titles are Roger Federer and Pete Sampras.  These two players are known both for their incredible tennis game and outstanding success at the majors.

Slam Leader Board

Leading the way is Roger Federer, holding 16 different grand slam titles.  Federer has seen incredible success at three of the slam tournaments, struggling only at the French Open.  His single victory at the French completed his very own “career slam” a mark given to players that manage to win all four of the prestigious titles.  Federer’s biggest weaknesses over the years have combined to give him a losing record against Rafael Nadal.  His backhand isn’t made for clay and Nadal seems to be the one player that has consistently had his number.  Despite this, Federer is already considered to be one of the greatest players ever.  He still has plenty of time left in his career to add on to his current success as well.  With his game and mental toughness, there is no doubt that the Roger Federer racquet could help him extend his number of major titles beyond the current 16 in the next few years.

After Federer comes Pete Sampras, close behind in second place with 14 titles.  Sampras, while having a high number of slam titles, hasn’t really had the same all around success of Federer.  His game is more one dimensional, relying heavily on an overpowering serve.  Despite that, Sampras was able to brush aside his opposition in a very strong era of tennis.  It is only when being compared to someone incredibly dynamic like Federer that Sampras can even be considered as one dimensional.

Other Famous Players

Fame in tennis is measured by the number of titles, but it is also important to consider all around success.  Famous tennis players that are able to succeed on all four different surfaces are the ones that are held in the highest regard.  The list of players that have been able to achieve such a feat is short indeed, simply because it is such a difficult task.  Most players will struggle to win even a single slam title in their career, let alone four on different surfaces.  These are the players that have done it:

  • Roger Federer
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Andre Agassi
  • Fred Perry
  • Roy Emerson
  • Don Budge
  • Rod Laver

A large portion of these men don’t show up at the top of the all-time slam list.  It’s quite interesting to see players that have had such diverse success, as opposed to someone like Sampras, who won half of his major titles on the grass.  The ability to find and create success in such vastly different environments is proof of a truly great player.  Both Sampras and Federer, who are incredible champions, have struggled tremendously to find success at the French–a testament to how hard it can be to adapt to different surfaces.

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