Finishing Your Bedroom Remodel

Closet Doors and Touch Lamps

bedroomIf you’re remodeling your bedroom, it can be easy to run out of funds before you run out of to-do items on your remodeling list.  It pays to spend a little time planning ahead to make sure that you’ve accounted for all of the necessary items, and also that you’re getting the best bargain on all of your parts and supplies.  Because it’s often the details that make the most difference, a thorough plan ensures that your remodeling execution stays coherent and on-point from start to finish.

Here are a few of the biggest-impact areas that will help make your project look polished and professional when you finally finish.  They’re also not very expensive, for the most part, so getting a good result is a matter of your style and taste much more than the size of your bank account.  In no particular order, here are a few of the key areas:

  • Paint style and color.  There’s wide price range between paint brands.  At the top end, you’re paying for the brand name.  At the bottom end, you’ll likely experience relatively rapid color fading.  Stick to the upper-middle of the price range for best value.
  • Choose stylish closet doors.  Mirrored closet doors were very popular in the early 90’s, but look extremely outdated these days.  A modern look isn’t difficult to achieve, and prices are often very reasonable.
  • The color and quality of your bed linens and blankets serves both a functional and stylistic role.  High thread-count sheets are comfortable and durable.  Decent quality comforters and blankets keep you warm, but also serve as a design centerpiece of the room.  Choose each wisely!
  • Touch lamps and other lighting choices will go a long way toward creating the right atmosphere in your bedroom.  You don’t need to break the bank on your lighting, but you do need to spend some time finding the right combination of style and function.

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