Free Make Up Tips Online: Basic Makeup Tips that Every Girl Should Know

Basic Makeup Tips

basic makeup tipsWhen you’re new in the world of cosmetics, you surely would want to read as many makeup tips that you can get your hands on. So let’s start adding to your list of basic tips and tidbits with these free make up tips:


The 7 Basic Must-Haves in Any Cosmetic Purse

The cosmetic purse is any girl’s best friend. Essentially, a cosmetic purse should contain the following:

Pressed Powder or Foundation — this is the base and the finishing touch.
Blush-On — you need a blush on to make makeup look natural (i.e. the rosy cheeks effect).
Eye Shadow — it’s safe to carry a set that comes in shades of brown since they can go with any outfit.
Eye Brow Pencil — well-defined brows add to the overall look
Mascara — longer lashes will make anyone look prettier
Lipstick — choose a safe color, one that can go with any outfit.
Facial Tissue — you need facial tissue to wipe your face in case you mess up applying something.


The 7-Step Formula in Applying Makeup

You don’t need to be a professional make up artists just to be able to pull off a great look. Applying makeup is very easy, and it can be done in 7 steps:
#1: Apply the base. This can be either foundation or pressed powder.

#2: Apply eye shadow.

#3: Use the eyeliner to trace the edge of your eye lids, and the area just beneath the eye.

#4: Next, use an eye brow pencil to shade the brows.

#5: Apply mascara on the lashes.

#6: Dab blush on both cheeks

#7: Finish off with powder.

So why bother spending on insider secrets on how to correctly apply makeup when you can get tons of free make up tips? See, just as easy as a couple of clicks, you were able to get your hands on some basic makeup tips.

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