Fun and Colorful Removable Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

funny wall stickerJust like advancement in any field, wall decoration has also evolved for the better. If you can rewind just before the 90’s, wallpaper was in fashion and then came wall stenciling. Creativity is a common feature in these decors but there is a lot of inconvenience when it is to be removed or the wall has to be refurnished.

Fortunately, the removable wall stickers have evolved, which are the “in thing” nowadays. There are generally 5 types of removable stickers for any plain wall.

Removable Chalkboard Surface Stickers – These wall stickers are repositionable and have surfaces that can be written with a whiteboard or dry-erase marker. They can be used for posting important reminders, deadlines, notes, shopping lists, etc and are affixed to any clean wall surfaces at homes and in offices.

Paper Cut-outs – These cut-outs are die-cut, pre-pasted small pieces of wall stickers with smooth surface that include some water. They are a great accent to the bigger removable wall decals or as stand-alone sticker decors.

Vinyl Wall Decal – The most popular among the removable wall sticker types are Vinyl wall stickers because they are not only removable but they can be repositioned too. These types of wall decals don’t leave sticker marks on the wall when you remove or change its position since it doesn’t have glue in it.  Vinyl decals are available in individual, small stickers or puzzle-like pieces that make up life-size murals.

Wall Appliqué  – This type of wall sticker is used to highlight the larger wall stickers generally is smaller in size like the paper cut-out. Appliqués are safe to stick anywhere like cabinets, mirrors, doors, tables, chairs, and other home furnishings since they are completely removable. Furthermore, the sticker’s surface is washable so it’s really very neat.

Wall Murals – Murals are removable, they are easy to replace with the passage of time or interest and hence they can add a different dimension to your room. Murals can be customized or it can be made from paper cut-outs and wall appliqués. These can be best applied in the Kid’s room.

Wall decals have added a new dimension to interior decoration. They are not only arty but handy as well. These are very easy to put up and easy to remove anytime you wish. So, make your room come alive by placing removable wall stickers all over it!

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