Futon Bunk Beds

The Great Space Savers for Kids and Teens

Futon Bunk BedsTo save space in a kid’s room, a teen’s room, or even a college dorm room, a futon bunk bed is a great way to go. It consists of an upper twin bunk bed, while the space below is a couch that folds from a futon couch to a bed, usually a full size bed. They can be economical as well as stylish. Whether the room is occupied by one child or shared by siblings, the sleeping arrangement allows for plenty of other space for play or study. For your reader, the couch is a comfortable place to lounge and delve into a good book.

Prices start around the $200 range and of course go up depending on the materials and make of the frame. Iron bed frames are popular for a futon bunk bed. This makes for a sturdy bed that will withstand the wear given by kids as they use their beds for play. The bed can become anything the kids can imagine, such as forts, castles, or caves. An iron bed frame can be finished in numerous ways, including black for a sleek modern (or masculine) look or pink or white for the feminine, princess look.

It is easy to find futon bunk beds. An on line search will reveal a great selection. For good pricing, shop Wal-Mart, Target, or Penny’s. You can visit the retailer, see the product, and then order on line if the price is better. Sometimes the stores will not actually carry larger items in store and you have to order on line.

Let your kids be a part of the shopping process. Let them know up front what the budget will be so they will focus on what is available in that price range. There are some beautiful beds in the upper price range and if you are not there, your kids should know that in advance. That will make shopping with them a pleasant experience.

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