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Quality and Comfort

Textrade MattressThere is a good number of reasons why many people prefer innerspring mattress over the modern memory foam mattress. The innerspring mattress have a long life and are way cheaper compared to other type of mattresses. While most of the memory foam mattresses trap heat, the innerspring mattresses behave oppositely; dissipating the heat outside. Apart from all this reason, many people still buy the innerspring mattress because they have grown accustomed to the innerspring mattresses.

Pioneers in the Innerspring Mattresses Market

Textrade. Well; that’s sufficient; as Textrade has been in the market for quite some time and has been manufacturing best selling innerspring mattresses. A quick glance in the amazon best selling list will reveal to you the kind of rapo Textrade has built with the buyers of innerspring mattresses.

Talking of the technicalities of the mattress, the mattress is powered by 1000 spring coils which are made of 15 gauge steel which offers enough life to the springs. The springs are bordered well across their perimeter which helps in dampening the movements on the bed. Its quite normal for anyone to keep moving throughout the night during the sleep; but this definitely is not a reason for the partner’s sleep to be disturbed. This is where the perimeter bordering of the spring coils comes into play; and essentially cuts the motion down to zero so as to keep the partner’s sleep uninterrupted.

The pillow bundled with the mattress is worth talking about. The pillow packs 2.5″ spring coils compressed with Denier Foam which gives the utmost comfort. You also get the Damask Quilted fabric pillow cover to cover the pillow. These pillow covers are easy to put on and remove and are 100% machine washable.

Unpacking & Installing

Usually if you order textrade mattress online, you are likely to get the mattress packed inside a box on wheels. This setup where your mattress is compressed and vacuumed inside a plastic wrapper and then is placed inside a box which is rested on top of wheels; is very helpful in moving the mattress to ‘difficult-to-go-to’ places. The packing also ensures that there is least or no in-transit damage.

The mattress once unpacked will take around a day to restore itself to its original size. You might also experience strange smell out of the new mattress; and this is quite normal. Give it a day or two and the smell will fade away. At the same time make sure that children aren’t let to play on the mattress.

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