Going Nuts Over Oakley Sunglasses!

Oakley Sunglasses Never Go Out of Fashion

oakley sunglassesOakley was founded in the late 70’s but has been relevant and popular since the 80’s. They are one of the biggest sunglasses manufacturers and designers in the world. Throughout the years they have created multiple innovations in sunglasses design. Just as important, they have developed a very unique marketing and brand image that somehow blends the technical with the cool. In other words, you get a technical product full of features, yet one that’s also cool to wear.

Like other sunglasses companies, Oakley has a lifestyle line which encompasses stylish fashion oriented sunglasses as well a performance line. The performance line is targeted at sports enthusiasts in everything from baseball to surfing to cycling. Big names like Lance Armstrong for cycling and Bruce Irons for surfing have been big names in the Oakley roster for years.

The lifestyle line has some of the most popular sunglasses for both men and women these days. Some of their most popular models include:

Plus, there a few other gems in the line that have arrived in recent years – Examples are the Eyepatch 2 and the Probation models. Both are from the lifestyle line. Just check out all the Oakley sunglasses reviews. You’ll see that most of them are praises to how great they are. There are very few negatives reviews, and those are mostly about specific frame or lens tints that some people simply didn’t like, or they didn’t fit them right.

Oakley also has a middle of the ground line which they call “active.” It fits right in the middle between sunglasses that are meant for sports and sunglasses that are meant for pure style. These active sunglasses are ideal for driving, riding motorcycles and going on short runs and jogs. They are also great for boating and fishing. Ideally, the Oakley active line is there for action oriented activities that are not too extreme. They are very popular among policemen and people that spend a lot of time driving.

There are plenty of great sunglasses brands out there but few have the history of innovation Oakley has. Some people care very little about the quality of their sunglasses. But the ones that do care are those that have helped put Oakley on the map. Maybe you are the type of person that has not cared about the quality of your sunglasses and lenses. Try out a high-end pair of sunglasses for the fist time, in real life situations. Unless you are the type that always loses sunglasses, you will never go back to cheap sunglasses again.

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