Good Luck Charm Bracelets

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Good-Luck-Charm-BraceletsAmulets have been used for hundreds of years, but the trend for charmed bracelets dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria of England who loved embellished pieces of jewelry. From then on, different interpretations of such jewels have come in style with each passing generation. One thing they all have in common is that they are made with varied themed trinkets and traditional symbols, and lucky charms in particular have remained popular. They symbols may vary with each culture and its superstitions, but they are all there to protect and enhance the life of the wearer.

Good luck charm bracelets can be everything from loaded pieces with every lucky charm you can think of to simple chains with one single charm. Mix and match the charms to cast a wider net of protection, or if there is a particular area in your life that needs help, add a whole bunch of charms for that. If you want protection and good fortune, wear a bracelet with horseshoes. It has long been a belief that iron is a protection against evils, and the curved shape collects good fortune. Or choose angels for protection from danger or harm. Angels, according to religious beliefs, are guardians and protectors of mankind.

For those looking for love, you may want to get a bracelet with four leafed clover trinkets. This is supposed to attract love and luck to the wearer. A ladybug signifies good fortune as well, and for English farmers and French vintners, it is an indication of a good weather. So if you know someone who is into farming or loves gardening, a bracelet with ladybug ornaments makes a great gift.

For the Chinese, their charm bracelets are as colorful and rich as their traditions. Aside from gold and silver, they also use crystal and semi-precious stones (jade, garnet, amethyst, rose quartz, etc) extensively as ornaments combined with Chinese geomancy, Feng shui to create harmony with the forces of nature. The crystals are believed to have natural healing and enhancing powers and improve one’s luck. They come in all shapes and forms such as Chinese animal signs and other Chinese images and characters.

While pre-made lucky charm bracelets are readily available, putting one together yourself allows you to personalize and add any charms you want. If you want to have all the positive effects,
load it up with lucky charms from different countries and cultures, or if you’d rather have just a few charms, select the ones that best match what you want help with.

With all the different designs available, putting together a lucky charm bracelet is both fun and easy. And you’ll end up with a piece of jewelry that is not only a stylish fashion accessory, it may also enhance your life!

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