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ecommerceAlthough all websites must be well organized and attractive, e-commerce websites must go the extra distance. An e-commerce website must provide additional services not often found in many other commercial websites. It does not matter if your e-commerce website sells one product or one thousand products; most online shoppers expect these extra services. This article will detail the three most important e-commerce website design considerations.

First, the online shopper must have a pleasant online shopping experience. Most online shoppers want to find information and details about the products they seek. It does not matter if they are shopping for a television set or a cell phone. Online shoppers want to be able to easily find the information about the different products which meet their criteria and be able to compare two competing products. If your e-commerce website does not allow this but your competitor’s websites do, they will leave and purchase their products on your competitor’s website.

Second, an e-commerce website must provide information to their online shoppers about who owns the website and why the website can be trusted. Unfortunately, this is often an overlooked step in the website design process. When a person walks into a brick and mortar store, they often know something about the store. They know people who have shopped there or may have shopped there themselves in the past. This is often not the case with an online e-commerce website. The online shopper must be reassured the online store is trustworthy and will be around later if they have a problem with their purchase. The more trade organizations the e-commerce website is a member, the more at ease the online shopper will be. This will translate into more sales.

Third, an e-commerce website must have a simple method to find the products they are looking for on the ‘shelf’. Most people only want to click one or two times, at most. If they have to click more times than that, they will look for another online e-commerce website which offers easier navigation. Of course, this same mentality is continued throughout the check-out process. They want the check-out process to be straight forward and easy to navigate also. If it is not, most online shoppers will go elsewhere.

If all e-commerce websites followed these three simple website design suggestions, e-commerce stores would sell many more products. Of course, the opposite is also true. The more convoluted these steps are, the more likely the online shopper is to leave for another e-commerce store. If you put your customers at ease, they will purchase from your online store.

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