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Japanese-NamesOur names are our labels all through our lives. A name is one of the first things that people notice or even remember about us. So, it’s important that we give our children names that they will be proud of bearing. Japanese names are quite popular today because of the distinction and uniqueness that these names bring. For those who have a bit of Japanese in their blood, getting a Japanese name honors their homeland or the country of their ancestors.

When you’re looking for Japanese girl names, make sure that you consult a book or check out the web for the meanings of names. Often, girls’ names are based on love, beauty and good values. Names like “Aiko,” “Aimi,” and “Aina” are all related to love; while names such as, “Emiko” and “Kiyomi” pertain to beauty.

Japanese names for females also celebrate life in its many forms. For instance, a name like “Mio” pays tribute to the beauty of the cherry blossoms; while “Natsumi” celebrates the splendor of summer. For boys, names are often associated with strength, wisdom and power. “Kenta,” a very popular name for boys, means “strong and healthy,” and names like “Takeo,” Takeshi,” and “Yukio” symbolize the heroism and bravery of warriors.

Names can also refer to one’s position in the birth order. For example, the name “Shuichi” means “disciplined and studious first son,” while “Yuji” means “heroic second son.” Many Japanese names, like “Yoshi” meaning “lucky and righteous” and “Shinobo” meaning “endurance,” can also be used by boys and girls.

Japanese names create great first impressions because these sound mysterious. People can’t help but be intrigued by what a name means, which is also a good conversation starter. But other than the appeal of the Japanese name, these names are really great choices as these are meaningful and significant.

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