Guide For Effective Carpet Stain Removal

Removing Carpet Stains

carpet stain removalMore and more houses are using carpets now for that added decoration. It does brighten up our rooms to be honest and I myself could count at least three in my house. Aside from being decorative, it also makes the room more conducive. Some even use them to make their rooms warmer during the cold winter nights.

Since we always step on them however, carpets usually get dirty faster that most of our other furniture. They are also vulnerable to stains like paint stains, cat stains, and spaghetti stains. No matter what stain this is though, as long as you act fast enough, you will be able to remove it with little effort and some good technique. Here are some effective carpet stain removal guide to help you.


Carpet Stain Removal Tips:

Do not wait until your regular monthly schedule to clean your carpet especially if you are dealing with tough stains. If you wait for days or weeks, that stain might just become permanent. So immediately go to your laundry area and look for some bucket of water. Fill it just halfway so you can still carry it around the house. Also look for some sponge or towel then head over to the stained area of your carpet.

Wet your towel a bit and start dabbing it on the stain. Make sure not to spread the stain even more by wiping the stain away. The best way to ensure proper removal is to just dab on it aggressively. Do both sides of the stain to make sure you are thorough. If you have the time, you can also get some lemon juice and squeeze them unto a spray bottle. Lemon is apparently a very strong cleaning agent because of its acid content. It can also remove most tough odors.

There you go, the stain removal tips above will come in handy the next time you encounter a stain.

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