Guide to Camping with a Hammock

How to Feel Safer and More Comfortable

Camping-HammockHammocks are easy to store and set up, making them a good alternative to tents. Although a tent will provide better protection and warmth from bad weather a hammock can provide adequate protection if you set it up in the right place. If you take proper care of your hammock, it can last a long time before wearing down. Listed below are some simple tips when camping with a hammock.

If you do not have enough money to buy a tent, then getting a hammock is certainly a good alternative. Hammocks are quite small and can be hung anywhere with minimal hassle. All you need is too trees or branches to tie the strings around to support your weight. A hammock is also easy to pull out and take a quick nap during the day before continuing on your hike.

Hammocks are plenty of fun but will require practice to master them. Before tying the ropes, always make sure the trees are strong enough to handle your weight. A dead tree or thin branch is certainly not the best choice, so look for areas that have thick and strong trees. Ropes can gradually get worn if they are used for too long, so change them periodically.

Mosquitoes can be a big nuisance if you are trying to sleep. There are several ways to guard against mosquitoes, but the best way is to buy a mosquito net and drape it over your sleeping area. Mosquito nets are very large and can be carried easily without adding to much weight to your backpack. Additionally, you can buy ladies and mens waterproof trousers and a long shirt. Waterproof trousers are made from plastic material that is very difficult for mosquitoes to penetrate through. This material is also strong and well suited for outdoor use.

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