Guide to Mini Fridges

What You Need to Know About Mini Fridges

mini fridgeAre you looking for a mini refrigerator to cater to your makeshift food storage problems?  Whether you are off to a new college life or temporarily been assigned to a different place, all you need is the portability and the reliability of a mini fridge to get by.  Designed to be dependable in terms of weight and storage space, a mini fridge is a definitive fridge model type that’s perfect for those people who are living in college dormitory rooms or cramped apartment spaces wherein space is considered to be of utmost importance.

The thing about mini fridges is that they are several definite types and style available out there.  If you are thinking of buying a mini fridge, then the following below are some of the most reliable tips and tricks to serve as your buying guide.

  • The price of the mini fridge depends on the storage capacity.  For instance, the smallest mini fridge (with 1.7 cu. ft capacity) can only cost you more or less 100 USD.  The highest mini fridge storage capacity (of 4.2 cu. ft) can be purchased for 250 USD at least, depending on the brand and the set of features.
  • A typical mini refrigerator has the following expected features – adjustable wire cabinet shelves, at least one ice tray, recessed handle, manual defrost functionality and manual temperature settings.  Those mini fridges that have more high-end features like separate freezer compartment, frost-free feature, electronic temperature controls, a stunning stainless steel exterior look and energy-saving features are obviously more expensive.
  • Know what you need.  There are mini fridges that are made to store medicines and other medical necessities or baby food and there are also mini fridges that are referred to as “car fridges” for road trip requirements.  Some mini fridges are made to house beverages only.
  • The mini fridge is considered to be the cheap refrigerator because it has limited features but has the most important cooling functionalities.
  • Depending on type, the mini fridge is best for office, college dorm rooms, garage, personal bedroom, in an outdoor game, camping trip and even on the road.

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