Hair Supplements For Hair Growth

Are You Losing Your Hair?

hair lossOur hair takes a lot of damage through the use of hair products. Every application of wax, styling gel and hair spray is taxing on our hair. The damage is amplified through the use of bleach, hair dyes and perming solutions. Our very modern perception of beauty leads to weaker and damaged hair on scalp.

The stress we place on our hair and scalp may cause us to suffer from dry and itchy scalp. It is important for us to constantly monitor the health of our hair or else damage over time will lead to premature aging. Our genetics does not help us as we all tend to lose our hair as we grow older.

For hair loss prevention, it is essential for us to regulate our intake of core vitamins and supplement to make sure that our hair and bodies have the required resources to keep our hair healthy. Processed food are very tasty but often fail to provide natural vitamins that our body need to regulate itself. Thus we must proactively consume vitamins good for hair growth.

Vitamin B5, scientific name Pantothenic acid is another vitamin that is essential for the health of the skin and scalp. It is a vital metabolism regulator and is actually derived from the Greek word “Everywhere”. Vitamin B5 is available in most naturally occurring but richest sources include liver and kidney, milk and potatoes.

Vitamin B6, scientific name, Pyridoxal Phospate, aids the body in the production of melanin and prevents hair loss. Melanin is essential for skin and hair color. Good sources of Vitamin B6 are chicken, vegetables and whole grain products. Loss of Vitamin B6 during food processing can be as high as 70% so its important to check our intake.

Vitamin B7, scientific name Biotin. Like Vitamin B5, it is another essential vitamin for health cell growth and the body’s metabolism process. It is commonly known as Vitamin H because it impacts hair growth through consumption. Many hair products include Biotin but it is vital to understand that the positive effects of Biotin can only be reaped through oral consumption and not through application.

To ensure that we do our best to regulate our body nutrients and the health of our hair, it is recommended that we consume Multivitamins that contain B-complex family vitamins all in one pill. This will make the act of caring for our bodies as easy as possible.

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