Hanae Mori Perfume

Why Hanae Mori Perfume is So Popular

hanae mori perfumeThere are so many perfumes available these days. It seems like every famous person sooner or later releases their own perfume. The quality of these perfumes sometimes leave a lot be desired and often rely upon the celebrities own fan base to make them popular. One such perfume that doesn’t fall into this category and has been popular for quite some time is Hanae Mori Perfume.

Hanae Mori is one of Japan’s most famous and respected fashion designers. She is so revered in Japan for the simple fact that she is the only Japanese woman to have ever had collections on display on New York and Paris runways. The Hanae Mori fashion house actually opened in 1951. Over the years it grew into a multi million dollar international business. Besides fashion, Hanae Mori started her own range of Hanae Mori perfume, the most famous of which is the Hanae Mori Butterfly perfume.

Hanae Mori introduced the Hanae Mori Butterfly fragrance in 1996. It’s subtle and intriguing composition of scents really put it into a class of it’s own and make it a perfume like no other. The fragrance is a blend of rare flowers and berries. It has a very distinct tone of almond and strawberries.

The actual perfume bottle is distinct and unique in it’s own right with a glass top which represents the unmistakable form of a butterfly with folded wings.

Hanae Mori has also released other fragrances besides the butterfly fragrance. Gimme Mori is Hanae Mori’s signature scent for him. This stunning fragrance blends a total of fifty different essences which help to create a distinctive woody oriental perfume. The bottle, as you can expect with Hanae Mori, is also a feature in it’s own right. It features a samurai sword cap with the Mori family crest which simply epitomizes honor and masculinity. Definitely a winner for men!

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