Hardware for Lanyards


lanyardNeck lanyards are growing more and more popular these days. This is due to the fact that it is the most convenient way of holding items. There are a variety of ways that a lanyard holds an item secure. Lanyards come with different attachment hardware that will ultimately provide security. The most common nowadays is the bulldog clip. This kind of attachment is used for attaching name badges to custom badge lanyards in schools and offices. Many may think that this is the only kind available. But there are a lot of other designs to choose from that might be more applicable to the item that needs the lanyard.

The split ring is a useful attachment that is applicable for keys. They secure keys in place and will not allow it to fall off. When there will be times that the keys need to be removed so that it will be used in the key slots, the two part lanyard is the most suitable. The two part lanyard is made of two straps connected together. The longer strap is secured on the neck and the shorter one on the other end holds the keys. It can be detached when the keys need to be used then it can be easily attached again for security after use.

If one wants the items easily removable, a snap hook attachment may be more suitable. But if the item to be placed on the lanyard is a bit heavy, then a carabineer would be the best choice. It can support the weight of heavier objects. But be cautious that it may be able to support heavy objects more than your necks can.

There are also safety lanyards available. The breakaway lanyard is designed for safety. It has two parts that can come apart when one end gets accidentally caught on something. This will prevent any injury to the neck. They can be connected together again and reused There are numerous ways an item is connected to a lanyard, from the name tag lanyard to a safety breakaway lanyard to the fashionable beaded lanyard, it is simply a matter of looking for the best way that matches the need.

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