HCG Weight Reduction

How Effective Is It?

HCG Weight ReductionThose who are still skeptical about the HCG diet protocol may have their own justifiable reasons.  Nevertheless, the diet really works although it does so with the maintenance of a low calorie diet.  The use if hCG drops and sprays is an essential factor in this process as well as the observance of a 500-calorie diet.

The reason why the HCG diet works is that it aims to help the user feel less hungry when the hormone stimulates the hypothalamus to use the excess fats as body fuel when the calorie requirements have not been reached due to the low food consumption.  Those who buy hCG online know this fact that in most cases without the hormone, the dieter will feel fatigue and stress due to the change in their food consumption.

Once the body has been accustomed to heavy eating, it has been conditioned to also look for the same food intake every meal.  The role of the hCG drops can be seen in how the body is being induced to target the excess fats as its alternate energy source instead of the muscles.  This is why the dieter will have less appetite and feel less hungry since the body has already found its new source of energy instead of waiting for the individual to consume more food.  Also for this reason, the two factors in the HCG diet protocol should work hand in hand and are not independent of each other.  The 500-calorie diet may be one factor that can stand on its own but the risk are far greater when it comes to getting symptoms from the low food intake.

In the end, it would still be the dieter’s choice on how he can go about his diet program.  The hormone works just like how grapefruit helps users feel less hungry.  Natural substances and aids such as HCG and grapefruit are typical of any effective diet where a partnership is seen.  The low calorie diet can be tolerated well if these natural aids are maintained.  But as always, before you buy hCG online just keep a mindset that safety is always a priority and should never be compromised with your hopes of losing weight.  Once you go through a low food intake regimen, the body will surely feel ill and side effects are to be expected.  Yet still, do not allow your body’s vital organs to be deprived of its needs and always seek the advice of a doctor.

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