How Backpack Handbags Became an Innovation in the Bag Industry

Backpack Handbags Are The Latest Fashion Trend

backpack handbagThe old fashioned shoulder bag or clutch bag has been around for ages. It has been a dependable companion of most women in the old days. But with the changing times, women carry more and more things these days that a simple clutch bag or shoulder bag simply can’t seem to keep up. To give more room for the various amounts of items to be placed inside, the backpack handbag was invented. It is a hybrid bag of an ordinary backpack and the usual handbag. Style and functionality mixed together in one bag.

Backpack handbags come in many designs and made of different materials. The ones made of leather are the classiest of them all. There are those made from fabric and canvas and they all carry the same function as the leather ones.

The best part in carrying a backpack handbag is that it is carried on both shoulders. It is more comfortable to carry because the weight is distributed on two shoulders instead of one. The load is not concentrated on just one side. Another convenient thing about carrying a backpack handbag on the back is that it leaves the hands free from carrying the bag. This will make the hands more free to move about and do other tasks.

Aside from the large compartments like the typical handbag has, the backpack handbag have numerous other pockets that can hold items of different sizes. The pockets are strategically placed inside and outside the bag. The inner pockets are for more valuable items and the outside pockets are for the ones that are frequently used. The biggest compartment is secure with a flap that is fastened using a clasp.

The backpack handbag is a definite innovation in the bag industry. The comfort and style it provides definitely came from years of study. The backpack handbag will definitely be a staple necessity for years to come.

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