How Much Does A Surgical Tech Earn?

Is It  A Rewarding Career?

Surgical-Tech-SalaryAre you looking for a medicinal career but you don’t want to spend half your life studying medicine? Do you want to start ‘working’ in OR as soon as you can without becoming a physician? Is so, the job of a surgical tech will fit your requirements exactly. So, how much will this pay? How much is surgical tech salary and what are the job requirements? Read on to find out. But this you must know that it is more rewarding than you think it is.

Surgical tech salary usually varies between 30,000 per annum to up to $60,000! Yes and all that salary without having to pay the huge amounts of bills of medical tuition! You can even improve that. Specialization in a certain field, for example neurosurgery gives you a chance to earn much more than you would by simply working in an OR.

Those days are gone when a patient would be confined to his bed for days after the surgery, now it’s mostly a matter of a single day. Many doctors use this facility and operate surgery theaters privately. This is good news for surgical technicians as not only employment opportunities increase, but also surgical tech salary is higher than that paid in hospitals.

Now the job requirement: these include

• Maintaining a clean OR
• Ensuring availability of surgery instruments
• Helping staff prep for the surgery
• Break down OR post surgery
• Prepare patients for surgery
• Looking after patients post surgery

However since medical field now involves use of latest machinery, it is important for a surgical technician to have knowledge about these machinery. You should know how to set them up and operate them. You should also know how to handle this machinery so that they operate effectively and give the wanted results. This knowledge is a part of the requirement of a surgical technician.

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