How Much Should I Expect to Spend on My Honeymoon?

What is Your Honeymoon Budget?

HoneymoonThere is no limit of how much a newlywed couple can spend on their honeymoon. The limit depends on each couple’s set budget. There are those couples who can afford to go for extravagant honeymoons because they can easily afford it. On the other hand, couples who are operating on a limited budget should not spend beyond their means. They should have an affordable honeymoon that will not drain their resources. They should not spend all that they have saved on their honeymoon alone. There are countless honeymoon destinations to fit different pockets, so no matter what budget you are operating on, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The following are cheap honeymoon ideas for newlyweds who are operating on a budget. One idea is to combine your honeymoon and the wedding service in the form of a destination wedding. It can be cheaper to have your wedding in the area where you intend to have your honeymoon. This is a very cost effective measure. Alternatively you can look for affordable destinations whose rates are negotiable to ensure that the honeymoon fun fits in your set budget. If you do not intend to spend much on your honeymoon, you can take budget airlines.

Depending on the available budget, you can consider going to various Caribbean honeymoon destinations, many of which offer suitable options to suit all pockets. Some wonderful destinations include Antigua, which is a suitable location for people who enjoy the sun. It is a popular destination for couples who wish to have a sporty honeymoon.

One can also go to the Grand Bahamas, which have attracted countless honeymooners over the years. The Bahamian islands were first visited by Christopher Columbus. Here you can enjoy romantic, secluded beaches and numerous other natural attractions that can liven up your honeymoon. The other ideal destination is Aruba, which receives a constant flow of honeymooners. Aruba has tropical coastlines that have glimmering white sands, palms, wildlife, and exotic fauna and flora. All of these are perfect destinations for a honeymoon regardless of your budget.

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