How Not To Fail In the Vending Business

The Vending Business Can Be Very Profitable

vending businessStarting up a bulk vending route is pretty easy, you really don’t need a lot of money or any special skills, but don’t make the mistake in thinking that just because it’s easy to get started that this automatically translates into success, because nothing could be further from the truth. Vending is just like most other small businesses, most people never survive long term.

One of the things that makes vending tough is the competition, the very things that make it attractive to you, make it attractive to a whole lot of other people, the lower the barrier of entry, the higher the competition.

But as tough as the competition is, I actually think the biggest obstacle that people face in starting up their own vending business is having unrealistic expectation. If you get into vending thinking that will very little effort you can establish a route and have a nice little income rolling in, then you’re going to be quickly disappointed. You’d be surprised how many people get into vending with false or misleading ideas about how easy it is or how profitable it is. A lot of this is due to vending business opportunities (biz ops) that perpetuate this distorted view of vending. These biz ops overhype vending; they sell the dream of it while glossing over the gritty reality and put a big price tag on it all wrapped up in a shiny bow.

Vending really is a great business, but don’t kid yourself, building up a route from scratch is a long tough road. It takes hundreds of vending machines in order to earn a full time income in vending and this level of locating will take months if not years. If your goal is 300 machines, consider that you’ll need to place 25 machines a month for one year to reach this goal. For in person locating you can expect a success rate of about 10% so this means you’ll need to visit 250 businesses a month in order to reach this goal. Can it be done? Sure, but it will take a white knuckle determination.

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