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AdvertisingWhen you’re advertising your business funds are usually scarce so your advertising needs to hit the mark every time. If you haven’t grabbed a reader’s attention within the first 10 seconds the the chances are they will move on to something else without taking action on your ad. To maximize your chances of a positive outcome for your business you need to make sure you have a powerful offer, and here’s how you do that.

Make sure the offer is strong and desirable. Look at these examples:

  • Phone us for details.
  • Two steak dinners and two glasses of wine – $15 only.

Which one is likely to get the bigger response? Most likely the meal because people will be able to compare what’s being offered more easily against what they have experienced in the past. Besides, what exactly does a brochure give them?

How do you make the offer work?  Some ideas on how to make your offer strong.

High perceived value to customer, low cost to you.

Find out what customers value about your product or service and package that in as part of the main purchase offer. Servicing is usually a good offer as it can reduce the worry over buying the product, it makes you look like a caring supplier and when they come back for the service you can try to sell them something else.

Put a package together.

If the main product is used with additional products then make up a special sale package that sells at just below what the separate prices would be. Wine glasses with bottles of wine; a printer lead with a new printer; memory cards with a new camera – the list is endless. Just ensure that the link between the two products – and therefor the benefit – is immediately apparent.

Let them know what additional value they are getting.

To be a really powerful offer people need to be made aware of the value they are getting, especially if you are including something free as part of the offer. “Free case of wine, valued at $69” tells them in no uncertain terms exactly what the benefit is.

Make people worry about losing out if they don’t act now.

Scarcity really works. People can get really panicky when they start to think that someone else might benefit and they might lose out. Offers such as “only 10 left – first come, first served” or “phones close as soon as the last one is sold” really get people taking action immediately.

Free offers

Some people are skeptical about being offered something for free but if they can see your offer is genuine then you will still hook them in. The key to free offers is to make sure that you can get them to actually buy something later.

However, if you’re a new business you should think carefully before using the ‘free’ offer. The cost to start a small business can be high and giving stuff away for free at this stage might not be such a good idea. Leave the free offers until your business has matured a little.

Do some research.

At school it’s called cheating, we’re grown up now and it’s called research! Have a look at what’s working for other businesses and then see how you can adapt it for your own.

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