How to Build Muscle Mass

muscle massBuilding muscle mass requires weight training to overload your muscles to force them to grow along with the nutrition required to build new muscle tissue. These two principles must be used in tandem with one another. If either of these elements is missing from your bodybuilding program, your muscle gains will be minimal.

Training to Build Muscle

While there are plenty of complicated workout routines and training techniques out there, training for muscle growth is actually quite simple. For constant muscle growth, your muscles need to be stressed to the point of failure on a  consistent basis with steadily increasing resistance. This is training for building muscle mass in a nutshell.

You want to develop an easy to follow workout routine that incorporates lifts that will develop every muscle in your body. Your routine should ideally consist of 3 or 4 sets of each lift, comprised of 6-10 reps, and performed to failure. Failure is the point where you can no longer perform a full rep of the lift. This will ensure that your muscles are sufficiently overloaded to stimulate consistent muscle growth.

Eating to Build Muscle

Controlled insulin bodybuilding provides your body with blood sugar at times when your muscles can re-use this sugar energy to recover and grow while maintaining a low level of blood sugar at all other times throughout the day. This is achieved by simply consuming carbohydrates about 1 hour before you weight train and also within 1 hour of completing your weight training session. All other meals consumed throughout the day should have low carbohydrate content. This ensures that your muscles have the nutrition they need when they need it most while preventing spikes in blood sugar at times when the energy will go unused and ultimately be stored on your body in the form of fat.

If you want to know how to get ripped fast, the techniques explained above are a great place to start building muscle without packing on fat in the process. Building lean muscle requires dedication and discipline, but if you commit yourself to proper training and nutrition, you will consistently build lean muscle mass week after week.

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