How To Clean A Fabric Designer Purse?

Clean Your Designer Purse Regularly

designer bagsDesigner Purses are expensive and coveted by ladies everywhere. Some pride themselves on having the entire designer collection. Therefore, learning the proper way to clean a fabric purse is important to maintain its beauty.

Basic overall cleaning should be done once a month if possible and spot cleaning should be done on the spot to prevent any ink/stain going further into the fabric or drying up, making it harder to clean later on.

The first thing you must do before starting any cleaning is to check for any care instructions for the purse. Follow the instructions carefully on how to clean the bag. Usually designer purses have their own care instructions and also cleaning products. For example, Coach has the Sig C Fabric Cleaner which retails at $10.

For designer items, normally their warranty will be void is you used other cleaning products or methods. If however, you can’t find any care instructions or you want to clean it yourself, you can follow these basic steps for fabric purses.

Begin by emptying out your purses and turn your purse upside down to shake off any debris or dirt out. Open up any zippered pockets and turn them out as well.

Gently wipe over the fabric of the purse with a clean, white cloth soaked in warm water with gentle detergent such as Woolite. If there is any stubborn stain, blot on the stain until it goes off or lighten. Remember not to rub, but blot or dab gently at it.

After finishing with the cleaning, leave the purse to air-dry. When its completely dry, apply a fabric protector such as Scothgard before using the purse.

For a purse made of silk or velvet, it is recommended not to clean it yourself but to take it to the dry cleaners. Ask around for good purse dry cleaners.

A designer purse can last you a long time if you know how to take good care of it.

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