How To Compare Vertical Jump Programs

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

vertical jumpAre you having difficulty finding the right vertical training to increase vertical jump? It will really not be that easy because the most popular jump programs online all have their own benefits that they promote and it seems that all of them will be able to give you what you need in order to increase your skills. If only you have all the money and all the time in this world to purchase all those manuals and do them all.

But doing that will not only be impossible but very impractical as well. To help you make good decisions, you need to have some criteria for judging. Just like in a beauty contest where each women have their own charisma and their own kind of beauty, different jump training programs will present to you the best that they got. But judges are always able to know who the winner is at the end by putting the contestants into a number of tests. The girl who got the maximum points for all the tests taken will be the winner. That will be how you should the vertical jump programs you’ve seen. Here are two test categories you can use.

First category should always be the content. Do you think the program is for the athlete like you or the level you are currently on? Some vertical programs may claim that the workouts are flexible to all types of athletes. This can be a strong claim given that there are so many types of sports and there are so many types of athletes.

Second category will be the quality of the materials. Although your basis will be the customer feedback and the promotional information on the product website, you can still use your common sense if you are getting a product worthy of the price or you will just be losing money in the end.

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