How to Create a Contemporary Kitchen Design

Is Time to Redesign Your Kitchen?

Contemporary Kitchen DesignIf you want to create a contemporary kitchen design in your home, there are a number of things that you can do. First things first, however, do you really know what contemporary design is? Contemporary design is similar to modern design, but it tends to be a bit softer and more comfortable and inviting. While contemporary design also relies on neutrals, it focuses more on browns and creams rather than the typical modern white and black. A contemporary kitchen is up to date, comfortable, and inviting while remaining clean and uncluttered.

Finding Contemporary Ideas

One of the best places to search for interior design ideas is online. You can browse through websites that sell d├ęcor, lighting, furniture and more, and you can look at photos of contemporary kitchen design. You can also check out the furniture stores in your area.

Contemporary Examples

With a contemporary kitchen, you can choose from a variety of wooden cabinets. Lighter woods like maple are popular in contemporary designs, though you can also use darker woods like cherry. For countertops, you can look at cream, white, or light colored marble or stone.

Most contemporary kitchens have light colored or white cabinets, light colored stone counters, and dark tile or wood floors. Contrast is a big part of contemporary design. Other variations are seen within contemporary kitchens, and some of them might feature dark counters and light floors.

Adding elements in metal or plastic are some kitchen design ideas that can help you achieve a contemporary kitchen design. For example, you can use stainless steel appliances, metal bar stools, or funky plastic lights. Having a dining area or a seating area is an important part of many kitchens, and you will want this furniture to be clean but comfortable. Sometimes modern design can come off as sterile and uninviting (though certainly not always), and you want contemporary design to be more welcoming. This means using softer lines and warmer colors, like browns and natural woods.

Do not forget to add accessories, such as funky mirrors or wall hangings. Lighting is an important part of contemporary kitchens, and you can add contemporary lights over a bar area or an interesting chandelier over the dining table.

Your plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware are important too. Many contemporary kitchens use stainless steel fixtures and hardware, though you can get away with dark rubbed bronze finishes as well, especially if you have light colored cabinetry and hardware. Contemporary kitchen design is a great way to achieve a clean yet inviting kitchen that will become the heart of your home.

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