How to Make Your Hardwood Floors Last

Look After Your Hardwood Floor

hardwood floorQuality hardwood floors are not cheap and neither is refinishing them. Keeping your floor clean and dry can greatly increase its life expectancy. Modern technology makes maintaining your new hardwood floor a snap. Soft bristle brooms are great for day to day maintenance. They do a wonderful job of collecting food particles and small debris. For the hard to reach areas, a vacuum with a soft brush floor attachment is a must. There are also a variety of professional grade wood floor cleaning products available to the average homeowner. Make sure you read the label and select the right one for you.

Steps to keep your floor looking like new:

  • Never ever ever use vinyl or tile floor cleaners on your new floors.  You might be able to use the same cleaner for granite tile countertops as you use for granite floors, but this is not the case with hardwoods. Use only products that are specifically designed for hardwoods. Other floor cleaners have acrylic wax that cause floors to appear dull.
  • Throw rugs are not just for decoration. Place them in high traffic areas of your kitchen to keep dirt from being tracked onto your floor. New kitchen island designs often feature a stove or sink. Make sure to put a rug down around your kitchen island.
  • Do not wet mop your flood. Water, when left standing, can dull the finish and warp your floors.
  • Make sure to wipe up all spills immediately.
  • Make sure that you apply wax as needed to both high and low traffic areas. You want an even coat. Apply less in low traffic areas and more in high traffic areas.
  • Use fabric glides under table and chair legs to prevent gouging and scratching.
  • Never walk on hardwood floors with cleats or high heels. Not only is it loud and annoying it can leave divots and scratches in your new floor.
  • Be careful when moving furniture. Always pick up the furniture pieces rather than sliding it across the floor.
  • If you live in a particularly dry area, using a humidifier will prevent your wood floors from cracking and separating.

Following these simple guidelines will greatly increase the life of your new kitchen floor.

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