How To Make Your Own Yoga Mat Bag

mat bagYoga mat bags are awesome for transporting your yoga mat and even other things. You can make your own mat bag or you can buy it in a wide selection of materials, sizes and colors. If you choose to make your own mat bag, you will need a pair of pants you don’t use anymore, thread, a sewing machine, scissors and pins. It won’t take you more than an hour to create an original bag. All you have to do is to cut the tube and make it straight. After that, you need to create a strap in order to carry the bag much easier. You also have to sew the bottom seam and attach the strap. You bag is ready to be used.

If you would rather just buy a mat bag, zippered yoga mats are the most popular. They are pretty large, stylish and you can add other accessories like towels and bottled water. Most of them have side pockets and a sturdy strap which makes the mat bag very comfortable. Yoga mat bags made from cotton are Natural Fitness’s creation. The bag is also pretty large and can stock many other items. They all have double full length zippers, the material is natural and the strap is adjustable.
Canvas products are well known for their quality.

The exterior is fashionable and it doesn’t cost more than 20 $. If you are more practical, a mesh yoga mat bag is enough. Is very light, comfortable and allows maximum ventilation and they are even cheaper than the others. Some people just don’t like mat bags, thus, mat harness strap is the solution. Is simple and is an awesome yoga mat carrying strap. Before shopping, measure your yoga mat and make sure you buy the right mat bag size. Having one that is too small will just upset your karma.

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