How To Plan The Father Of The Bride Speech

Father Of The Bride Speech Examples

Father Of The Bride SpeechBeing the father of the bride comes with a lot of responsibilities pertaining to the planning of the wedding since you are more than likely are controlling some or all of the finances. One of the duties that you have as the father is to be a wall of support for her to lean on and you must be rock solid. As the leader of the family, you probably have given a lot of thought as to what you’re going to say for the father of the bride speech. You’ve had many years of experience offering solid advice and being supportive of your daughter.  Now you have the opportunity to sum up all the years you’ve had as a father and a short three minute speech filled with wisdom and emotion.

Start The Speech With A Few Stories Of The Bride’s Childhood

The father usually shares stories and little anecdotes from the time that he started raising his little princess to the time that he is finally letting go of her. Even though you’re supposed to be the rock of the family, do not be embarrassed to shed a few tears.

The Patriarch Offers Sound Marital Wisdom

It’s a long-standing tradition for the father of the bride to offer his sage wisdom to the newly betrothed couple.  Give the new couple a few sound words of wisdom without sounding like you are interfering with their new life (even though you are chomping at the bit to tell them how to live).

The Father Of Bride Speech Body

The main part of your father’s speech should include some thoughts about how much you love your daughter and that you are so excited to have such a wonderful new son-in-law. Let the new couple know that you will always be available for help. Sometime during the speech complement your daughter on how gorgeous she looks in her wedding gown. Towards the end of the wedding speech shift gears a little and lighten things up.  You can add a little humor, telling nice clean jokes, or offer a toast to the bride and groom and be done with it.

Planning this speech should be easy and relaxing. If you’re little bit stumped about ideas and the flow of things, you could always pick up an inexpensive online father the bride speech guide and plug-in your own ideas. The guides usually have sample speeches and templates. Not only will you find examples, but you will find appropriate father of the bride speech jokes.

At some time during the planning process of this speech, make contact with the maid of honor and find out what she is going to talk about. The maid of honor speech gets personable and you do not want to contradict or repeat what she’s going to say.  Do the same thing with the best man as they tend to be a loose cannon during the wedding and you certainly do not want him to ruin the wedding reception by saying the wrong things.

You don’t have to worry about memorizing your speech because it will sound horrible if you do. Speak from the heart and you will win all the wedding guests hearts.

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